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Welcome to this HOW TO MAKE webpage guide! You have come here to begin your path to create your first webpage and your website. I will share with you step by step guide from creating your first webpage, from getting a domain, to hosting and then earning some income.

How I Begin

Don't worry if you don't know what domain, hosting or even website meant. I too do not understand all these crabs. I too have no formal education on webpage building. I learnt through trials and errors. In 2003, I created my very first website called when I wanted to show the world about my passion for NATURE! I have learnt to do it without any programming knowledge. I do not know any html programming nor how to use any of the software to create webpage. But I did it!

Budget is a very important factor for many of us in starting a website. Sometime, even we can afford the budget, we sometime lack the knowledge required to expedite the resources. I know there are alot of beginners with limited budget who had paid to get what they don't required; who had signed up for unnecessary hosting. I am going to show you how you don't need expensive hosting to have your webpage running. Infact, for a webpage to run and to earn income, you don't really need to pay for a domain name and the hosting. However, if you want a more "personalize" website you can buy a domain name and get a host for your domain (which meant your website)!

Don't worry if you are not willing to pay, you can own a website using the free hosting provided.