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Uploading to your Website

There are 3 common methods to upload files to your host.
1. Using FTP (Files Transfer Protocol). This is a software and it can be used only by non commercial purposes. You will need the IP address of your host in order for you to upload files into the host server.
2. Using CPANEL that came with the hosting package.
3. Transfering files direct from free hosting sites to the host. This is for free domain hosting.

Using FTP

Here, you have to download the FTP software. Goto any search engine and download it from there. Install the software and type in the IP address of your hosting. Your host will inform you about the IP address.


You have to enter your cpanel to upload your files to your domain. You need to type
You will require to enter your ID and password to enter cpanel. ID and password will be given by your hosting service provider.
Once inside the cpanel, you enter FILE MANAGER. Then find the folder WWW. Once inside the WWW folder, you upload the files into the server. Once uploaded, your website is ready for viewing across the globe.

If you are using free domain

If you are using free domain, then you just need to follow instruction and help when you sign on. For some, there are templates provided. You only need to copy your content and paste according to the column provided. For Geocities, your need to upload from your computer. For other free hosting, you can use the templates to add in your content and then save them.

After uploading your files to your host, you might want to edit your website. In this case, you just repeat what you do earlier by uploading or saving (depending on your host, depending on the software used, etc.) this will overide the existing files with the latest.