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You Choose a Domain Name

There are many company providing domain name services. First your have to check your domain name to find it availablity. Click on the advertisement in my webpage on DOMAIN.

Think of a Domain Name

Think of a domain name. You can use your own name too. My name is Forest Ang and therefore I can use "forestang" as my domain name. I used as my website as I have coined "forest" and "explorers". So have you think of one?

Understanding ".COM, .ORG, .NET, .COM, .MY" and etc

Have you found your name? Are you doing the website for fun? Use ".COM" if you are thinking of income. Use ".ORG" if it is an organisation. Use ".NET" if you have something to do with the internet. And if you are from Malaysia then you can use ".COM.MY" There are many websites to search for domain name. You can search in any search engines for DOMAIN. If you want cheap domain then search for Cheap Web Hosting, Hosting services, web page hosting, web page hosting providers and best web hosting. Choose from the hosting companies that provide cheap web hosting.

Registering a Domain Name

By now you could have thought about a domain name, have search and found it. The next step is to register the domain. During your search you have probably find some registrations were dirt cheap while some were expensives. You have the choice. Of course everyone would want CHEAP & GOOD. Some are cheap but with poor support. Other the server couldn't work. And other with condition attached to the hosting. Most has tools for managing your website. You should only choose a host who provides CPANEL. This is actually tools which include shopping cart, emails and etc included in the package. How much content do you have? How much bandwidth? It is a long search for one.

After registrating your domain name, you are now ready to find a host for your webpages. Usually your domain buying and hosting buying come in a package. If you buy the domain separately, then you have to find a host to keep your domain.