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Designing Your Webpage

The first thing to do is plan your layout of your website. Then you should write the content. Here, you have to know your objective. Do you want to show your expertise to the world or do you want to make extra income from your website?

Show to the World

If this is your objective, then you only need to sign on for a free website from the many FREE HOSTS.
Among the popular free web hosting are:
Geocities , Tripod , CJB.NET
Each has their advantages and disadvantages. If you want it as a source of income then you should can sign on a free website that allow you to put your own advertisement. Go to my blog at My Blog, and get your own blog. You will noticed there is this Google Ad at my blog. Well, it was put up by me and if you click on it, I will be making some cash! If you want the Blogspot.Com as your free website then go ahead and start building your first website. I will not discuss about this blogspot website as all information can be found there. But build your blog until there are enough content before you apply for an account. To get an account just click on the "Ads by Google" placed on the lower left.
If you want more freedom on your own website and your own "look", then you should continue reading.

Beside the free hostings, you can also opt for web page hosting providers with cheap web hosting and other hosting services where you have more freedom to play with your webpages look and templates.

Your Own Website

You have to identify your ability, time and patience. You can build your first webpage in the following ways
1. Join the many free websites, eg (example earlier),, etc.
2. Pay a complete package. Here, you don't have to have any knowledge on webpage building.
3. Pay a complete Web Hosting, Website and get all the tools for running a webpage. Here, you take over after the purchase and you manage your own site.
4. Copy templates from websites which you like and edit the content to suit yours. Here, you will learn from trials and errors. I personally use this method.
5. Use the simple MS Words and make the webpage (WYSIWYG) and then save it as html file. This is the easiest method of building a website but it has limited features.
6. Use commercial or shareware webpage building softwares like Frontpage, Vnu, Dreamweaver to write your webpages. Well, if you like learning, then this is a useful method.
7. Use programming language like html to write your webpage. You need to learn programming language to write webpages.

I used the "Copy Templates" method

In this method, you will surf the internet and identify websites that suit your taste. View the source files. Then you edit the source files to suit yours. This is how you should do.
1. Open MS Internet Explorer.
2. Browse a website from the internet which you want to use as template.
3. Then click VIEW then SOURCE.
4. You will be viewing in NOTEPAD.
5. Here you will edit the content to suit your need - changing background color, pictures etc.
6. Save the file as html file. (Goto FILE - SAVE AS - save as type (all files) - filename (index.html)
7. Your first webpage must always be index.html
8. Continue to create the second page and save as step 6 but in different filename as you want. eg myhobby.html

After completing all the pages, you are ready to get a domain name for your files.